In 1981, Siqura was founded as an electronics corporation based in the Netherlands. To establish a safer society for all, Siqura develops video surveillance systems that bring clear images and videos to security personnel. With IP technology, Siqura has supplied clients worldwide with an extensive range of network products. Siqura has expertise in several sectors like public safety and the Marine, Oil & Gas industry but are as adept in serving other sectors where security is a concern. Siqura has a vast range of products for surveillance, access control, intercom and video analysis.


Since 1988, Tattile has created several products for applications in the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), machine vision and video analytics systems. Tattile has many ANPR cameras that has a variety of features, from single & dual lane coverage, different working distances and multiple additional software libraries that help to analyse the traffic on roads. Tattile’s products serve many different applications such as speed enforcement, crime prevention, access control and security purposes.


Under Vehicle Inspection System is a system that is able to capture the image of the underside of any vehicle that is within the speed limit of 40km/h. The system consists of a high resolution camera and is able to provide a clear image of the vehicle’s underside. Each captured image can be stored within the database and can be used in comparison to another pre-recorded image for security reasons. This system is often used as a security measure for high security facilities and access control purposes.