Communication is very important to relay instructions, messages, conversations and alert people during emergencies. No matter whether it is for broadcasting alarms, announcements or to relay messages to other people, we have suitable solutions for you to choose from. We provide vital communication for all types of emergency and security situations. From Intercom & Public Address systems to Nurse call system, we can meet any requirement for communication and security systems.


Commend – Commend has grown into a renowned player in providing Intercom systems. In many industries, there have been many cases of successful integration of Commend Solutions. To increase security, intercom systems are set-up in control rooms for integration of speech, images and data. Commend solutions come in many forms such as intercom stations, intercom modules, emergency call points and software systems.

JNT Lift Intercom

Developed by JNT Sweden, LiftCom was designed with technology based on Critical Communication Systems. The system possesses DSP ( Digital Signal Processing) and a Native IP embedded technology coupled with various functions and features that can be customized to each need. LiftCom is a scalable system that covers from the most sophisticated system to basic telephones for lifts. Liftcom is not limited to any integration with 3rd party systems and to connect several buildings over Internet, server can be supplemented with a strongly encrypted VPN.

Schrack Seconet

Nurse call system
Designed for patients, VISOCALL IP is a system that combines care, service, information and hospital and hospital services through the use of a common platform. With this system, help is always ready for any situation as it boosts communication between hospital personnel or patient and nurses. The primary purpose of nurse call systems in hospitals is to provide assistance in urgent situations. Software systems are also available to assist staff members in various ways; from alerting nurses to any request for assistance to system failures.


Contegor: Public Address system
Contegor provides solutions for public address systems and their products range from amplifiers, combined loudspeaker & amplifier monitoring systems, microphone systems and monitoring panels. For a variety of applications, Contegor can provide different loudspeakers for any requirement. The other important feature of the Contegor system is the Contegor software that is able to allow users to configure the system and keep watch of any events in the system.