Since its founding in 1971, Commend has grown into a large, globally recognised company that provides Integrated Intercom Systems. Commend launched their first ever first fully digital Intercom station in 1993 and has developed multiple communication and security systems ever since. With over 40 years of experience in speech transmission, Commend has provided many solutions for various needs. Today, Commend has developed distinctive solutions that are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets worldwide.

Commend provides solutions for various applications such as membrane-protected stations for cleanrooms and intercom stations tailored for industrial facilities. Other than intercom stations, Commend also provides emergency call stations, master stations for reception area and central control stations. Some of the recent developments are the launch of the Concerto Series SIP OD10 (outdoor) & ID5 (indoor) stations and launch of AF hybrid version Amplifiers.

TKH Security Solutions

TKH Security offers creative solutions for any security need. The company strives to design environments that are safe and secure for people. With over 20 years of experience, the group has expertise in providing the latest solutions for access control and security & site management. TKH Security is also experienced in developing high-end systems for video security and providing software for parking control rooms and building management.

VDG Sense, one of TKH Security’s brands, is a video management software that is easily integrated with other security solutions and can be tailored to fit your exact requirements. VDG Sense can also be expanded with video content analysis (VCA) add-ons that is able to do certain jobs like license plate recognition, facial recognition and item detection. The software is available in three different license forms with each form having various levels of features.

TKH Airport Solutions

Founded in 1969 as Induperm A/S, the company has come a long way in developing products for airfield lighting. After being acquired by the Dutch TKH Group, the company is now operating the HELLA Airport Lighting business. Induperm provides a variety of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) products that ensures better power and communication on the airfield. With the introduction of the CEDD (Contactless Energy & Data Distribution) -AGL solution, installation and management of Airfield Ground Lighting has never become easier. With such innovations, TKH Airport Solutions has the ability to benefit airports in multiple ways


ParkEyes is a Spanish company with more than 15 years of experience in developing License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Their systems focus on several areas such as access control, parking and traffic analysis using LPR. ParkEyes also possesses its own LPR engine and state-of-the-art video algorithms.

All of the ParkEyes products are camera based such as indoor signaling LED display, intelligent lighting and Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS). ParkEyes’s system allows carpark operators to manage their parking space more efficiently. The system is able to set different parking zones and each zone can be priced differently. The detection sensor is paired with camera units that provides security video recording for the vehicles. In addition, ParkEyes also has several reporting tools that could generate reports for operators to see the performance levels of the carpark, for example, how occupied the carpark is each hour or how much traffic is entering the carpark each day. For the UVIS, it can fully capture the image of the vehicle’s bottom part and can be used to detect any suspicious flaws for security purposes.


Since 1988, Tattile has created and manufactured Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras for transportation systems & mobility applications and Visual systems for quality assurance on production lines. Tattile has experience in installing their cameras as there are 40,000 cameras in operation world-wide. Tattile’s ANPR cameras are used for several applications such as traffic enforcement and vehicle tracking. As a company, Tattile is focused on creating innovative ANPR applications and vision systems to fulfil the most demanding applications in the ITS and data market. Since November 2018, Tattile has become a member of the Dutch TKH Group

Sensys Gatso

Founded in 1958, Gatso first introduced the world’s first speed measuring device for vehicles while Sensys developed the first 10GHz radar, being founded in 1982. Sensys Gatso Group was born when Sensys decided to acquire Gatso. With over 50 years of experience, Gatso has committed to improve road safety worldwide and meet future enforcement needs. The group is the leading provider of traffic safety solutions delivering systems, software and services for automatic traffic enforcement worldwide. Their products range from speed enforcement solutions to ANPR technology and software. Gatso’s mission is to improve road safety worldwide.

Schrack Seconet

Schrack Seconet is a high-tech company which is one of the international leaders in the filed of fire alarm, communication and security systems that is based in Austria. Founded in 1920, the company first created the call bell system for hotels in 1928. From there, they developed the Nurse Call system that can be implemented in hospitals today. The system, VISOCALL IP, is able to integrate various systems into one, making communications more accessible in the healthcare sector, allowing nurses to be updated on their patients’ status on the fly and can even save operating costs. It is also designed such the patient has access to everything; TV, lights, Nurse call and more.

When assistance is required, there must be a way for patients to alert related personnel so that assistance is provided as soon as possible. With the Nurse Call system, patients are able to request for assistance at their beds or toilets and hospital personnel will tend to them quickly.

As a whole, VISOCALL IP provides rapid assistance and many elements of convenience for its users.

JNT Liftcom

Since 1990, JNT has been a World Expert of Social Projects for Integrated and Quality Elevator Intercom meeting EN81 requirements. Based in Sweden, it has been a communication solution provider of choice for all market verticals from a single door entry to a complex Oil & Gas project. JNT has delivered many complex and demanding communication solutions for their clients around the world, even in harsh weather conditions. The company understands the importance of elevator intercom systems as elevators are the primary option of vertical transportation in most buildings. Hence, JNT has to comply with several stringent requirements to ensure that their systems will work fine at all times.

Kustom Signals

Kustom Signals initially started off producing amps and speaker cabs for the music industry and through word of mouth, popular artists like Johnny Cash and The Jackson 5 used Kustom products. After this period, Kustom ventured into designing and producing equipment for road safety. Since then, Kustom Signals has developed multiple speed enforcement solutions, from radar solutions to hand-held speed enforcement laser devices. Kustom Signals is committed to fulfilling the law enforcement needs with traffic safety solutions.

Kustom Signals has several products that are specifically designed for speed measurement of vehicles such as the LaserCam 4 and the ProLaser 4. Furthermore, Kustom also provides the ProLog video laser back office, a software client that is able to attain evidence from the data captured by the LaserCam 4 and the ProLaser 4. This software client can also store any captured data and is able to analyze any video.

KBC Networks

KBC Networks are a global producer of transmission solutions and remote power products.

KBC Networks offer several solutions from Solar, wind, Fibre to Ethernet transmission solutions.

KBC products are designed to operate in harsh conditions, withstanding high temperatures and impact. KBC products are used for various applications such as building and security management, security and transmission.

At KBC Networks, transmission from basic point-to-links to complete network solutions over IP, wireless and fiber networks are offered to customers no matter the location. KBC Networks has been involved in many markets, from residential, commercial buildings to transportation and military systems.

Auer Signal

Based in Austria, Auer Signal is one of the leading producers of signaling equipment. Since its founding in 1910, the company has plenty of expertise in signaling equipment and provides many related products. Their products range from LED products, sirens, horns, combined Visual-Audible signaling equipment, Tower lights and even telephones. Auer Signal offers flexible solutions that are not limited to specific markets and believes in providing customers with the most reliable equipment. Signaling devices are important to indicate the status of a machine or alerting people to any dangerous situation.