• Intercom systems

    We offer various intercom systems. From big scale to small scale, from security to communication purposes, you can depend on us to deliver the most possible solution. Buildings, educational and medical facilities plus prisons and detention centres, we have suitable intercom stations for you to choose from.

    In times of emergency, elevators are the primary means of vertical transportation in most buildings and is possibly the fastest escape route. With suitable elevator intercom systems, elevator or emergency personnel can be more efficient in responding to entrapped passengers no matter if there is a fire or the elevator being stuck.

  • ANPR Solutions

    For security or for traffic enforcement purposes, ANPR is useful to identify anyone who breaks the law. Our systems have hardware and software solutions who can identify the vehicle’s brand, color, class and their current speed according to the data. All this data can be used for tracking, analysis and collection of evidence. ANPR can be used in various areas like carparks, law enforcement and security systems.

  • Nurse call system

    Making communication easier in hospitals can improve efficiency of the staff and combining multiple systems into one would increase security and minimize costs. This system offers much convenience and a comprehensive range of services, making hospital wards feel like a hotel.

  • Traffic Enforcement Solutions

    With safer roads, there will be lesser road accidents and fewer victims of traffic incidents. We provide many types of traffic enforcement solutions; speed enforcement cameras, speed measurement equipment and software for storing data and data analysis. We also provide solutions for police to track drivers who exceed the speed limit, red light violation and ANPR recognition.

  • PA systems

    Transmission of announcements is crucial to relay information of any happenings to people. Fire accidents, train breakdowns, evacuation drills, concerts and special events require good Public Address systems to ensure information is effectively conveyed and with clarity. Only with clear speech, people would be able to follow instructions and act accordingly.

  • Video Surveillance Systems

    VDG Sense is our video management software and is suitable for any video security solution. It can be tailor-made to fit your exact needs. With VDG Sense, you have control of all live images and stored video data, in a user-friendly interface. There are several add-ons and licenses we can propose for your specific need, making VDG Sense flexible.

  • Car Park Guidance systems

    Carparks are present in many buildings and to make carparks secure and efficient is challenging.

    Our partners possess expertise in carpark technology that can increase the security of your parking space and can even lower the running cost of the carpark. ANPR technology can help in security purposes and even helping users to find their cars and car park guidance is also important to guide drivers to empty lots.

  • Under Vehicle Inspection System

    This system is designed to capture clear images of the underpart of the vehicles passing through the camera. This system is often used for places that require security clearance in the case that the vehicle could be designed differently for the wrong purposes. The database is able to capture the image and license plate of the vehicle that is being inspected on and this image can be compared to a previous pre-recorded image to check for any faults.

  • Flight Information Display System

    At the airport, departure and arriving flight information are vital for people who are travelling or those who are awaiting for people to arrive. Information such as expected arrival/departure time, flight delays, flight and gate numbers have to be shown on Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) so that passengers are aware which part of the airport they are supposed to head to without being misled or late.