Since 2002, ParkEyes has based its business in the License Plate Recognition (LPR) field. They have developed solutions for carpark systems, access control and security systems. ParkEyes are experienced in installing parking systems as their systems has been implemented in numerous parking spaces. ParkEyes systems allow carpark operators to better manage and monitor the performance of their parking spaces. Furthermore, ParkEyes allows operators to set different parking zones, giving them different prices according to the designated zone. Other features of ParkEyes systems include the “Locate your car” feature for drivers and surveillance of parking lots.

Other ParkEyes products include intelligent lighting for carparks and Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS). The intelligent lighting system is coupled with cameras that are used to detect movement. Hence, when there is no movement detected, the light intensity of the carpark lighting would be adjusted lower automatically and operating costs are saved!